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Taking A Look At Childhood Favorite Films To See If They Stand The Test Of Time, Or If They're Past Their Prime

Jan 13, 2017

Sit back, relax, and suck down that energon, as NostalgiaCast sets its optics on TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE, a cartoon so overloaded with 80's hair metal and robot destruction porn, it's traumatized children for decades. Listen as Jonny and Darin ponder such important metaphysical questions as: Why do so many Transformers convert into useless household objects? Where does Optimus Prime's semitrailer disappear to when he transforms? Was there actually a time when Judd Nelson was considered a star? Then, as a bonus, the 'Cast welcomes a Very Special Guest (hint: he looks and sounds just like a mini-Darin) to discuss "passing the torch of nerdiness" from father to son. Transform, roll out, and join us!


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