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Taking A Look At Childhood Favorite Films To See If They Stand The Test Of Time, Or If They're Past Their Prime

Oct 21, 2016

In which Jonny and Darin tackle the 1981 stop-motion classic, starring a gaggle of classically-trained Shakespearean actors trying to convince us (and themselves!) that a story about two-headed demon dogs and giant claymation scorpions should be taken seriously.


Recorded at Art City Sound, Springville UT.


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Jason Payne
almost four years ago

I would love to see this sort of adopt the concept of your blog, Darin, where you give your opinion and provide clips of the movies you're talking about to cement the point you're making. Especially since I've never seen either the Jazz Singer, or Clash of the Titans. Nor have I even heard of the Frighteners. I love to hear both of your takes on the subject matter, but it's hard to relate when I have nothing to base it on. You gotta keep us little folk in mind!!!